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OWB - How to start a job (Mapping, Process, ) from SQLPlus

A job for OWB is : a PL/SQL Mapping a SQLLoader Mapping a ProcessFlow a SAP Mapping a DataAuditor Mapping a Scheduled Job To start a job from SqlPlus, you must use : the script sqlplus_exec_template.sql...
Owb Mapping Configuration
OWB - Mapping Configuration

What means the different values configuration of a mapping. Properties Description Deployable If you disable it, scripts for that mapping are not generated. Language Warehouse Builder sets...
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OWB - Mapping Parameter

Parameter in a mapping can be created by adding the following operators: Mapping input parameter operator: Passes parameter values into a mapping. Mapping output parameter operator: Sends values out...
Owb Mapping Operating Mode
OWB - Operating Mode (of a Mapping or Workflow)

A mapping and a workflow runs with a operating mode: Set-based (SQL) Row-based (PL/SQL) Set-based Fail Over to Row-based (If Sql failed, go to PL/SQL) Set-based Fail Over to Row-based Target Only...

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