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The operators are used in a mapping to create a process and have several types :

  • Source/Target Operators: These operators represent Oracle Database objects in the mapping. It also contains Flat File Source and Target operators.
  • Remote and Non Oracle Source and Target Operators
  • Data Flow Operators: Data flow operators transform data.
  • Pre/Post Processing Operators: Calls a function or procedure before or after executing a mapping
  • Pluggable Mapping Operators: These are mappings that function as operators in other mappings.

As you can have by type the same properties, I have create a Properties section (Just for convenience)

Source and Target Operators

Dimensional operator

Data Flow Operators

These operators enable you to define common transformations that specify how data moves from the source to the target.

The list of data flow operators is as follows:

Data Quality Operators

Pre/Post Processing Operators

Calls a function or procedure before or after executing a mapping

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