OWB - Error Table Properties


This page describe the Error Table section of properties and you can find it only for the mapping operators where a load can be perform :

This properties are used in the error handling method of OWB: Owb - Error Handling (Error Logging Table and Data Rules)


Truncate Error Table Truncate or not the error table during a load operation. You would typically do this if you process the error rows in the originating mapping ensuring the information is captured.
Error Table Name The name of the error table that stores the invalid records during a load operation.
Roll up Errors If you need all violations as separate records, switch this to No.
Select Yes to roll up records selected from the error table by the error name. Thus all errors generated by a particular input record will be rolled up into a single record with the error names concatenated in the error name attribute.
Or in a other way, Roll up errors gives you a consolidated and aggregated set of rows, ensuring that each row is only given to the extraction query once when selecting from the error table. Note it does not prevent multiple rows to be present, it merely aggregates them to show a single one.
Select Only Errors from this Operator Rows selected from the error table will contain only errors created by this operator in this map execution

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