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The OWB SAP Connector supports native extraction from SAP ERP by generating ABAP code to extract data from SAP unobtrusively and in keeping with normal SAP security and administration requirements.

By using ABAP and SAP JCO components to extract data from SAP system:

  • you does not matter on which database SAP ERP is installed. It all works outside of the database and there is no SQL being used only ABAP.
  • you can extract sap logical table i.e. pool and cluster tables. Some of the most important tables in SAP are non-transparent (e.g. pool or cluster).

Operators Restriction

You can use the Mapping Editor to create a mapping containing SAP tables. Creating a mapping with SAP tables is similar to creating mappings with other database objects. However, there are restrictions on the operators that can be used in the mapping. You can only use as mapping operators in a mapping containing SAP tables :

  • Table,
  • Filter,
  • only ONE Joiner with MAXIMAL three input group
  • and Mapping Input Parameter as VARCHAR2 and linked to a filter operator (to catch the data type)

A typical SAP extraction mapping consists of one or more SAP source tables (transparent, cluster, or pooled), one or more filter or joiner operators, and a non-SAP target table (typically an Oracle table) to store the retrieved data.


Location Description
OWB_HOME\owb\deployed_files Location of the ABAP report generated
OWB_HOME\owb\temp Location of the data file load by SQL Loader

System variable (ABAP System Fields)

SY-DATUM : Current (application server) date, for example 19981130, 19990627. Example in a fitler :


Where INOUTGRP1 is the table CSKB.


Literals that take up more than one line not permi

If you get this error, verify that you don't have a constant operator with a data type of char. The data type must be varchar2.

ERROR: Literals that take up more than one line not permi

Exit on error:  Execution of ABAP Report TJ01T_STG_BUSINESS_TRANSACTION_T on Tue Apr 07 15:46:04 CEST 2009

Field “VARCHAR2” is unknown

If you get this error, it's may be because you use a mapping operator directly in a join without going before through a filter operator.

ERROR: Syntax error detected by SAP
Field "VARCHAR2" is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified table

You can see in the Abap code generated that the parameters inherit the data type from the filter.

  • The first line with the parameters I_CHANGE inherit the data type from the field COBK.CPUDT because it's used in a filter operator.
  • The second line inherit directly the data type from the mapping operator because it's link directly to a join operator.

Documentation / Reference

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