Installation of Oracle Workflow 2.6.4 for Oracle Database 10gR2

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The installation has two main steps :

  • the installation of the oracle workflow
  • the installation of the oracle workflow manager (also known as middle tier). A web based software to manage the processes.

Installation of Oracle Workflow

Installation of the software

  • Unzip it
  • launch the setup.exe file
  • choose the second choice : Oracle Database 10 Products then click on the next button.

Companion Oracle 10g Product

Installation of the repository

See Installation of the Workflow Server 10g/11g

Installation of Oracle Workflow Manager

  • Start the Oracle Universal Installer (already installed). For instance, from the Menu : Start / All Programs / Oracle - OraDb10g_Home1 / Oracle Installation Product / Universal Installer.
  • Click next
  • Locate the products.xml of the companion software. Example : ..\10201_companion_win32\stage\products.xml and click next
  • Choose Oracle Database 10 Companion Products (The third one)

Companion Http Server Middle Tier

  • Then select the two products :

Companion Oracle 10g Product 2

  • In the Home Details, specify a new Home in a new Location.
Example :
  Name : OraDb10gCompanion_home1
  Path : C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\OraDb10gCompanion_home1

  • Select the Apache Standalone Product and the Oracle Workflow Middle Tier.
  • Enter the Workflow Parameters : schema (the user), password, ..

Example :

* Workflow Schema : owf_mgr
  * DbHostName : ngerard
  * Port : 1521
  * SID : ORCL

You can search and verify your parameters with this article : Oracle Database - How to retrieve the connect descriptor parameters? (host, port, service name and SID)

  • Then fill the workflow user password

Do not confuse SID with the service name. the easy connect method use the service name and not the SID. And as they can be different and the install process don't verify the connection, your connection string (see below) can be bad.

A service is created to handle the HTTP Server. You can start Companion Process Manager Service (OPMN - Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server) to start the HTTP web server

After the end of the installation, you are normally able to reach this url :

Enter the oracle workflow user and password.

Oracle Workflow Home Page

You can see the home url in the dad.conf file present in this directory OraDb10gCompanion_Home\Apache\modplsql\conf.

This file define :

  • the location : /pls/wf
  • the home page : wfa_html.home
  • the connection string : nfpoc3.nfpoc3:1521:ORACLEESSENT
#  Workflow non-SSO
<Location /pls/wf>
  SetHandler pls_handler
  Order deny,allow
  Allow from all
  AllowOverride None
  PlsqlDatabaseConnectString nfpoc3.nfpoc3:1521:ORACLEESSENT
   PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
  PlsqlDefaultPage wfa_html.home
# End Workflow

The page wfa_html.home correspond to the procedure “home” in the package “wfa_html” in the oracle workflow user schema.


Unable to connect to the workflow home page

The connection to the Worflow Web Page offer a authentication windows but I'm unable to succeed.

You may have confuse the SID with the service name. The easy connect method use the service name and not the SID. And as they can be different and the install process don't verify the connection, your connection string (see below) can be bad.

In the dad.conf file above, verify the connect string.

If the SID correspond to the service name format, you can :

  • change it
  • or apply at the end of the line “ServiceNameFormat” to specify that is a service name and not a SID.
PlsqlDatabaseConnectString host:port:service_name ServiceNameFormatand 

An don't forget to restart the companion process manager service before attempting to reconnect.

Workflow Configuration Assistant Log

The logs are in this directory :


ORA-01017: invalid username/password

WorkflowCA: Test van accountverbinding voor  SYS
WorkflowCA: [SYS] ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

WorkflowCA: Kan geen verbinding maken metjdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(
java.lang.Exception: Invalid connection

Verify your credential with a command dos :

C:\Documents and Settings\gerardnico>sqlplus sys/manager@orcl as sysdba

SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Ma Jul 13 10:00:48 2009

Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle.  All Rights Reserved.

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


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