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The regular expression in TCL:

  • regexp - Match a regular expression against a string
  • regsub - Perform substitutions based on regular expression pattern matching



The regexp command has as syntax:

regexp ?switches? exp string ?matchVar? ?subMatchVar1? ?subMatchVar2? ...?

The character ? say that the parameter is optional. where :

  • switches : I don't know
  • exp is the regular expression
  • string is the string to test against the regular expression
  • matchVar contain the string which match the regular expression exp
  • subMatchVar1…n string that were matched by parenthesized bits in exp


Example made with OWB - OMB (Oracle Meta Base) Language

OMB+> regexp {PREFIX_(.*)_POSTFIX} "PREFIX_TO_FIND_POSTFIX" matched sub1 sub2 sub3
# return 1 to indicate that a match was found
OMB+> puts $matched
# Return the matched string
OMB+> puts $sub1
# return the string that match for the parenthese


Perform substitutions based on regular expression pattern matching.


  regsub ?switches? exp string subSpec ?varName?

This command matches the regular expression exp against string, replace the match with subSpec and either copies string to the variable whose name is given by varName or returns string if varName is not present.

Switches: If the initial arguments to regsub start with - then they are treated as switches. :

  • -all:All ranges in string that match exp are found and substitution is performed for each of these ranges. Without this switch only the first matching range is found and substituted.
  • Others: here


How to suppress a string ?

OMB+> set a "string_with_part_to_suppress"
OMB+> regsub {with_part_to_suppress} $a "" a
OMB+> puts $a

How to suppress a curly brace?

Below a method to suppress the curly brace that are use by tcl to escape special characters. When you use the OMB language of OWB, you can get as return value this double curly brace “{}” that indicates that you have no values.

proc P_SuppressCurly Vs_StringWithCurly {
	# Suppress all curly
	regsub -all "({|})" $Vs_StringWithCurly "" Vs_StringWithoutCurly
	return $Vs_StringWithoutCurly

How to replace a string ?

OMB+> set Vs_OriginalString "Start_ToReplace_End"
OMB+> set Vs_StringToReplace "ToReplace"
OMB+> set Vs_StringToPut "IsReplaced"
OMB+> regsub $Vs_StringToReplace $Vs_OriginalString $Vs_StringToPut Vs_OutputString
OMB+> puts $Vs_OutputString

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