Oracle - RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent)

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RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) is:

  • a set of command line, diagnostic and data collection scripts
  • used to gather detailed diagnostic information about an oracle environment

and collect only:

  • data for Oracle Support (a security filter is provided if required)


From Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - OBIEE 11g (Doc ID 1367015.1)

  • Download it. See note 314422.1
  • Unzip it in the installation Directory (For OBIEE11G: FMW_HOME/oracle_common/rda)
unzip /tmp/rda/ -d $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/
  • Checking the installation
cd $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/rda
./ -cv
Checking the directory [D_RDA_INC] RDA/UI ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_INC] RDA/Value ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_INC] RDA/Web ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_MSG] charset ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_MSG] desc ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_MSG] en ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_MSG] fr ...
Checking the directory [D_RDA_POD] en ...

No issues found

  • Init
./ -S INI


Modules with the -T mode option:

  • diff: Compare system
  • em: Runs the enterprise manager tool
  • hcve: Execute HCVE tests
  • merge: Merges Alert Log and Trace Files
  • na: Runs the network Advisor
  • ora600: Diagnoses ORA-600 Oracle Internal Errors
  • oraddc: Runs the Oracle Database Diagnostic Collector
  • root: Collects System Log and Executes Commands as root User
  • Secure: Identifies Potential Risks
  • Siebel: Collects Siebel Crash Information
  • Sos: Collects siga/sosreport/sysreport


Modules with the -T mode option:

  • alert: Analyzes alert.log
  • cell: Tests Connection to Exadata Cells
  • core: Tests Stack Trace Extraction
  • db: Tests Local Database Access
  • dbi: Test Oracle Database Access Using the database interface
  • dts: Daylight Saving Time Toll Box
  • env: Test the environment
  • event: Extracts Event Log Information
  • ocm: Test configuration Manager Discovery Information
  • odbc: Test Oracle Database Access Using ODBC
  • odi: Displays the current Oracle Data Integrator Module Setup
  • sql: Test SQL Settings
  • ss: Analyzes System State Dumps
  • ssh: Test Remote Connectivity and Operations
  • vms: Verifies Current User Environment for VMS

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