Oracle Database - Import (imp)

1 - About

Import utility that can work on a remote computer (not on the server as Oracle Database - Data Pump - (Export|Import) Utilities).

See Oracle Database - Export Utility (exp)

3 - Help

imp help=y

4 - Lang

The Export utility always exports user data, including Unicode data, in the character sets of the Export server. (Character sets are specified at database creation.) If the character sets of the source database are different than the character sets of the import database, then a single conversion is performed to automatically convert the data to the character sets of the Import server.

5 - How to

Only one mode (TABLES, FROMUSER, or FULL) can be specified

5.1 - List the content of a file

imp user/[email protected] FILE=myFile.DAT FROMUSER=userSource TOUSER=userTarget SHOW=Y

5.2 - Full Import

imp dq_src/[email protected]<ORCL or your database service name> file=<PATH>\dq_src.dmp full=y

Specifies whether to import the entire export dump file.

5.3 - Copy user schema to an other


This parameter is relevant only to users with the IMP_FULL_DATABASE role.

6 - Support

6.1 - ORA-02304: invalid object identifier literal

  • Create your own type before import.
  • Set the TOID_NOVALIDATE parameter
  • And import again

IMP-00015: following statement failed because the object already exists:
 "CREATE TYPE "MAX_SQL_VC2_NTT" TIMESTAMP '2014-12-09:11:20:45' OID 'CB14DC0E"
 "EC4E031FE040007F01002AC4'                                                  "
 "            is table of varchar2(4000);"
. . skipping TOID validation on type NICOLAS.MAX_SQL_VC2_NTT

7 - Diagnostic

Create a log file generated with the LOG parameter.

8 - Documentation

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