Oracle Database - Space (Size)

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To find the space that use an object in oracle database, you can use:

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Oracle Database

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Oracle Segment Extent Data Block
Oracle Database - (Fragmented) (Unused|Free) space (Reclaim|Shrink|resize)

Used and free space. A data file contains ordered extents (by block Id). One segments is made up of one of several extents (not ordered, contiguous). Over time, updates and deletes on objects within...
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Oracle Database - DBMS_SPACE Package

The UNUSED_SPACE procedure of the DBMS_SPACE package returns space information on a segment: the position of the high water mark (ie the last block within the extent which contains data) and the amount...
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Oracle Database - Table Size

How to calculate the space of a table ? Then: The above shows us: we have 55 blocks allocated to the table 53 blocks are totally empty (above the HWM) 1 block contains data (the other block...

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