Oracle Database - ADDM (Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor) - Automatic Performance Diagnostics Tool


ADDM (Automated Database Diagnostic Monitor) is available since Oracle 10g.

are useful features for performance tuning and troubleshooting.

ADDM reports the most significant performance problems between AWR snapshots.

Whether a performance problem is captured by ADDM depends then on its duration compared to the interval between AWR snapshots (default of one hour)

ADDM analysis

ADDM analyses a number of database-related problems

  • Memory-related issues such as shared pool latch contention, log buffer issues, or database buffer cache related problems
  • CPU bottlenecks
  • Disk I/O performance issues
  • Database configuration problems
  • Space-related issues, such as tablespaces running out of space
  • Application and SQL tuning issues such as excessive parsing and excessive locking

You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to view the ADDM findings.

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