Oracle Database - Entreprise Manager


To simplify database administration, Oracle provides a Web-based management tool called Oracle Enterprise Manager. There are two ways that you can deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager:

  • Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g centrally in the environment

You can then use a single HTML interface to manage and monitor software and hardware targets on all of your systems. Targets can include Oracle databases, application servers, Net listeners, and third-party software. This single interface is called Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (or simply grid).

  • Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control locally on the database system

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control software is installed by default with every Oracle Database installation. This local installation provides a Web-based interface called Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control. The Database Control is similar in function to the Grid Control, but it can manage only a single database. If you want to administer more than one database on this system, then you must either configure a separate Database Control for each database, or install Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control.

Documentation / Reference

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g is available separately on the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control installation media, and also on the Oracle Technology Network Web site at:

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