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To answer this questions :

  • How can we find out who dropped this table
  • How people actually use your application or how they abuse it
  • How to identify the DDL actions performed the last 24 hours ?
  • If a developer overwrite some function, how can I tell who did it ?

To give you useful information over time :

  • Usage patterns
  • What's or not popular ?

How to enable auditing ?

Just choose the level of audit (every page view in the website or an insert into a table) and install :

  • a Basic Auditing using the built-in features of the database
  • or a Custom Auditing using the system event trigger (BEFORE CREATE, BEFORE DROP and so, on)

Take in memory that the built-in auditing will go always faster than the custom one.

Built-in Audit

After making sure AUDIT_TRAIL was set in the ini.ora parameter file.

create table t1 ( x int ); 

audit insert on t1 by access;

Custom Auditing

create table t2 ( x int );

create table t2_audit
select sysdate dt, a.*
  from v$session a
 where 1=0;

create index t2_audit_idx on t2_audit(sid,serial#);

create trigger t2_audit
after insert on t2
  insert into t2_audit
  select sysdate, a.*
    from v$session a
   where sid = ( select sid from V$mystat where rownum = 1 );

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