Oracle Database - Client Application

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Oracle Database Client

Installing Oracle Database Client on any computer allows easy access from that system to the Oracle Database. The installation also includes the following development tools:

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(SQL Plus|SqlCl) (Oracle Database Console)

SQLPlus is the first client of the Oracle Database. On windows, there is two versions of SQLPlus : a GUI one (sqlplusw.exe) Officialy deprecated in the next release of Oracle.Documentation...
Oracle Database One Service For Each Database
Oracle Database - Database Service

An Oracle database is represented to clients as a service. A database can have one or more services associated with it. When an instance starts, it registers itself with a listener using one or more service...
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Oracle Database - Naming method (naming resolution method)

The Oracle Net Services naming method is resolution method used by a client application to resolve a connect identifier to a connect descriptor when attempting to connect to a database service. They...

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