Eclipse - How to add a Weblogic Server as Eclipse Server ?


To be able to interact with a Weblogic Server, you have to configure it as Eclipse Server.


  • Get the Weblogic Version (For a remote server)
  • Download OEPE
  • Download and Install a Weblogic Local Server (for the Runtime). For a remote server, the version must be the same version than your remote weblogic server.


Runtime Configuration

  • Menu > Windows > Preference
  • Select the Server/Runtime Environment Node
  • Define a new Server Runtime Environment

  • Define a Weblogic Runtime

Define a new Server

  • Menu > Windows > Show View > Server
  • Right click in the server view and selection New Server : Add a new Server

  • Choose the type

  • Define the Weblogic Server (Local or Remote)

  • Add a project/resource if necessary
  • Finish

After validation, you can see the new weblogic server in the Server view:

where you can navigate through:

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