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Enterprise applications consist of a collection of projects which appear as siblings in the workspace. For every enterprise application you must create the following an enterprise application (EAR) project that serves as the assembly point for all of the projects in the application.

The Java code and other files of the application are then contained in additional projects:

  • dynamic web project(s),
  • web service project(s),
  • EJB project(s),
  • and/or utility project(s).


Projects have a specific nature associated with them via the .project file.

Example of Project file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Enterprise application

When creating an enterprise application, the normal process is to

  • Create a new workspace for the application (optional)
  • Create an EAR project to link all of the application's projects
  • Create projects for the modules within the application
  • Create the project contents.

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