Java - Web Services

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Web services in Java



See Java - J2EE - Web Services Implementation

Consume SOAP

Generate a client

You can generate the client. See:

  • JAX-WS (Use by Virtualbox)

Create you own client

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Since Java version 1.5. An annotation is an element of the java programming language (modifier or Metadata tag) that can be associated with: Java classes, interfaces, constructors, methods,...
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Axis is a Web Services client generation engine. Download the binary distribution And unzip it Add the bin directory in the path Set...
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Metro is a high-performance, extensible, easy-to-use web service stack. It is a one-stop shop for all your web service needs.
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A Servlet is an java object that receives a HTTP request and generates a HTTP response based on that request. A Java servlet is: a J2ee web component that responds to HTTP requests. a HTTP-specific...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
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Web application in Java. A Java web application serve and/or generates interactive HTML web pages. An enterprise application may contain zero or more web applications. A web application is generally...
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is the Oracle's full-featured Java IDE. In JDeveloper, you create your work in an application, within which you can organize your work into a number of projects. JDeveloper provides a number of application...
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A Web service is a set of functions packaged into a single application programming interface (API) that is available to other systems on a network. The term Web Service generally refers to clients (consumers)...
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This page lists the tools that can be used when developing or using a web service. GUI This section regroups the GUI application that permits to interact with a web service. Postman...
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Weblogic - Simple Web Service (Hello World) with a JWS (Java Web Service) class

target such as generates the supporting artifacts, compiles the user-created and generated Java code, and archives all the artifacts into an Enterprise Application EAR file that you later deploy...

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