Java - Compile

1 - About

The compilation create a class source.class file from a java source file ie file.

The create class language is called Java - Bytecode (classfile) and can be run on any OS with any java executable (ie Java - Java Virtual Machine (JVM|Java))

3 - Type

3.1 - javac utility

The javac utility permits to compile a the source file of a class

javac -sourcepath src -d build\classes src\com\gerardnico\

will create the file


3.2 - Code

4 - Library

The java compiler library is located at javax/tools/JavaCompiler. It is javax/tools/Tool (bundled in <JDK_HOME>/lib/tools.jar) A tool is a common interface tools that can be invoked from a program.

Add the compiler as dependency (see Maven doc)


5 - Documentation / Reference

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