Java - Distribution (How to

1 - About

This page regroups all possible ways on how to deliver a Java application to the final users.

There is two type of target for the installation of your application:

  • a web server: Your application will be installed in a server and the installation is documented by your
  • a desktop application : Your application should be installed on the target machine (ie desktop)

2 - Format

2.1 - bash

Embed a jar file into a Bash script file based on the ability to append a generic binary payload to a Linux shell script. See Add a Binary Payload to your Shell Scripts

# turn a jar with a Main-Class into a stand alone executable

(echo '#!/usr/bin/env java -jar'; cat blahblah.jar) > blah

# turn a jar with a particular main clas into a stand alone executable

(echo '#!/usr/bin/env java -jar package.MainClass'; cat blahblah.jar) > blah


exec java  -jar "$0" "[email protected]"

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2.2 - App packager

Name Type Target OS File Format Comment
Launch4j Installer Windows MSI file Example Maven
Jsmooth Native Windows Native Application
IzPack Installer Windows / Linux / Mac GUI (
Graal Native Native Windows Native
NSIS Installer Windows MSI

3 - Documentation / Reference

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