Java Concurrency - Thread Block (Execution suspension|Wait)

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Process / Thread - Blocking state in Java

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Java Concurrency - Fine-grained synchronization

Synchronized statements are also useful for improving concurrency with fine-grained synchronization. Suppose: class MsLunch has two instance fields, c1 and c2, c1 and c2 are never used together....
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Java Concurrency - Monitor (Intrinsic|Implicit) Lock

Synchronization is built around an internal object property known as: intrinsic lock monitor lock implicit lock or simply monitor. Each object in Java is associated with a monitor, which a thread...
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Java Concurrency - Reentrant Lock

A thread cannot acquire a lock owned by another thread but a thread can acquire a lock that it already owns. Allowing a thread to acquire the same lock more than once enables reentrant synchronization....
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Java Concurrency - Synchronization (Thread Safety)

in java. Java offers two basic synchronization idioms: synchronized methods synchronized statements final fields, which cannot be modified after the object is constructed, can be safely read...
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Java Concurrency - Synchronized method

Synchronized method To make a method synchronized, simply add the synchronized keyword to its declaration: A synchronized method: performs a lock action when it is invoked; its body is not executed...

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