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A release is packaging your application under a version in a format that is suitable for the distribution channel.

If you publish your application to:

  • a package manager, you should create your application in the required directory structure
  • a website for easy download and install, you would wrapped it into an installer

Generally, every build produces at minimal your code in the form of an archive and you may add extra resources.

For instance:

  • for a library, you would need to create a descriptor file that describe the version, the description,…
  • for an application, you would add the documentation

A release implies several steps such as:



Stable release are periodic release of code that will not change continuously.


While stable releases might be get a version with dotted numbers, development versions of a project often need to be tracked by:

  • revision
  • build number
  • or even build date.



  • See Rat (Release Audit Tool) - audits license headers — the boilerplate text needed in most source files.
  • Whisker helps maintaining and verifying the LICENSE and NOTICE documents shipped (ie producing accurate licensing documentation)


The log of the version control system can be used to generate release notes.



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