Git - Directory


In git, a directory is a tree object



git mv <old name> <new name>

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A commit in git is an object that stores the information : who saved the file system snapshots, when they were saved, why they were saved. the commiter the author the parent commit It's...
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File management in Git (blob and not directory) blob object on the local file system or not (ie in the git file system database) See and short status A file (or blob) identifier is the...
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An object is the value in the entry of the git database key-value. All entities in git are objects. Objects are the entity of the Git file system. On the operating file system, the objects are stored...
Git File System
What is the Git File System ?

git has a file system application feature. The whole git file system is stored in the object database where: the tree objects corresponds to UNIX directory entries (ie directory) and blob objects...

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