Git - Remote-tracking branch


Remote-tracking branches are local references to the state of remote branches

  • You can't modify them. They’re just local references that you can’t move.
  • They represent the state of the remote repository the last time you connected to them

They are a local cache of the remote branches.


Remote-tracking branches take the form <remote>/<branch>


Commit History Master

origin/master and remote/master are two remote-tracking branch.


git remote add remote https://aRemoteUrl
  • the remote where fetched with the following statement
git fetch origin
git fetch remote



git branch --remotes
# or
git branch -r
* master


Update the remote tracking branch with the modification on the remote branch

git fetch

git pull is used behind the scene



git branch -rd <remote>/<branchname>


To delete all remote-tracking branches that are stale ie where the corresponding branches on the remote machine no longer exist:

git remote prune <remote>

With git-gui, Remote > Prune

Git Gui Prune Origin


Each remote-tracking branch has a file under .git/refs/<remote>/

Documentation / Reference

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