Git - Reset (Unstaging) - Delete a change for the next commit



Delete a file from the staging area (files to be commited)

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Git - Add command (Staging) - Add a change to the next commit

Add file contents to the staging area (known also as the index). This statement will add all files and any new untracked files.
Git Commit Tree Data Model
Git - Commit

A commit in git is an object that stores the information : who saved the file system snapshots, when they were saved, why they were saved. the commiter the author the parent commit It's...
Git File Lifecycle
Git - File Status

The status of a file in a working directory is one of: where: untracked See unmodified modified staged means that the file is in the index (proposed next commit) Each file in a working...
Git - Head (Head Branch | Branch Head)

The head is the last commit of a branch. while the HEAD (in uppercase) is the head of the current branch (active branch). headHEADcurrent branch page In the example below, the branch head of: ...
Git - Staging area (or index) - Proposed next commit

The staging area is a tree file called index that stores information (file, directory, message, ...) the next commit. The index is like a pre-commit. The index holds a snapshot of the content of the...

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