Git - Head (Head Branch | Branch Head)


This article is about the head, for the HEAD branch see the current branch page.


In the example below, the branch head of:

  • the branch A is the commit CA3
  • the branch B is the commit CB2
CA1--CA2--CA3 <-- Branch A
 CM1--CM2--CM3 <-- master
             CB1--CB2 <-- Branch B



Detached head means you are no longer on a branch, you have checked out a single commit in the history


git checkout master
git checkout yourBranch


Local branch

With the log

git log -n 1 [branch_name]


Local value

local: head of the branchs are stored in the git directory in the log directory

ls .git\logs\refs\heads

remote value

git ls-remote --heads remote
dd39a644a4a7ec3e65135baaf48acd5f7f628510        refs/heads/master
6ead0945771dfd789aa97442ff10872f9665598d        refs/heads/stable
e245797039fa7b86c3a3fb32b45cfb998d8c76cd        refs/heads/v1.13

Reset / revert

Reset, revert to the head commit of the upstream branch

git reset --hard upstream/master

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