Git - Conflict resolution


Conflict resolution in Git can be applied:


The whole set

You have reason for the whole set of files:

git stash # keep the modification in a stash branch
git pull # get the last one
git stash pop # Destash the modification

see Git - Stash

File by file

When you want to resolve conflict in Git, you use the mergetool

Example: mergetool is not configured but will still open tortoisemerge as I have it alreayd installed on my computer thanks to TortoiseGit

git mergetool
This message is displayed because 'merge.tool' is not configured.
See 'git mergetool --tool-help' or 'git help config' for more details.
'git mergetool' will now attempt to use one of the following tools:
tortoisemerge emerge vimdiff

Normal merge conflict for 'syntax.php':
  {local}: modified file
  {remote}: modified file
Hit return to start merge resolution tool (tortoisemerge):

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