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Switching is just changing the branch your working copy commits to. It's like changing the pointer in the repository where your commits will go. With the aid of acquiring any differences from the branch to your work area.


  • Before switching be sure to have committed all your work

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in Svn. Branches are copies of the same parent (Normally a copy of the trunk directory). The current branch is called a working copy. You can switch between branches in your working copy with svn switch....
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A working copy is the copy you have checked out to your working area. It doesn't matter if it is a branch or from the trunk. It's what you are working on. So working copy is your checkout, however it was...
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svn is a version control system. Tortoise is a windows GUI that relies on the Svn executable - Get info a file or a directory - Create a branch - Switch between branches OnlineDocumentation...
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As the trunk is also a branch, the steps below are basically the same but I wanted to keep them apart because it gives a step by step guide for beginners. Commit your work if any Your directory...

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