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In Java, the long data type stores integer on 64 bit while the integer data type stores integer on 32bit.

The primitive wrapper Long is a subclass of Number in java


Primitive Integer

Long is an integer that is encoded with 64 bit but you have also int on 32 bit.

Primitive Type Primitive Wrapper Stored in a word of min max
int Integer 32 bits <math>-2^{31}</math>
long Long 64 bits <math>-2^{63}</math>




long = 1.073.741.824L;
  • From a variable
long = (long)a;
  • from an integer
Long i = theinteger.longValue()
  • from an int
Long i = Long.valueOf(3);


Number - (Arithmetical | Numerical | Mathematical) Operators on long

The operations are done in the largest data type required to handle all of the current values.

For the below mathematics Operations The operation is a
int (operator) int integer operation
int (operator) long long operation


  • a long operation
long i = (int)1 * (long)2
  • a int operation
long i = (int)1 * (int)2

To Int

Long theLong;
Integer i = theLong.intValue()
  • or from a long primitive

To Array

new Long[]{long1, long2, ...};

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