Number - (Arithmetical | Numerical | Mathematical) Operators

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Number operators


Number - Arithmetic (Function|Operation)

Addition (+)

<math>addend + addend = sum </math>

print x
# 2

Subtraction (−)

<math>minuend − subtrahend = difference</math>

Subtraction (-)

Division (÷ / )

Division (/)

dividend ÷ divisor = quotient


>>> 3/2

Multiplication (×)

<math> multiplicand × multiplier = product </math>


Integer Division (Truncating)


>>> 3//2


count_to = 1 + 2

Expo / Log


Exponentiation is a mathematical operation involving two numbers, the base (b) and the exponent (n) (or index or power).

<math>base^{exponent} = power</math>

<math>b^n = power</math>

Exponentiation (**).


Mathematics - Logarithm Function (log)

<math> log_{base}(power) = exponent </math>

Increment/ decrement

  • ++: increment
  • decrement

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