Quantile - Percentile


A percentile is a 100-quantile.

For instance:

  • A child whose height is in the 70th percentile is taller than 70% of the children of their same age.
  • A 40th percentile would be a value in which 40% of the numbers are less than that observation.


## Add the percentile to the data.frame
res_succes$percentile <- ecdf(res_succes$TOTAL_TIME_SEC)(res_succes$TOTAL_TIME_SEC)
## Plot it
ggplot(res_succes, aes(x=percentile*100, y=res_succes$TOTAL_TIME_SEC, colour = factor(res_succes$PRESENTATION_NAME))) +
           geom_jitter(alpha = 0.5)
         + labs(x="Percentile",y="Total Time (Sec)")


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