Statistics - (Data|Data Set) (Summary|Description) - Descriptive Statistics


Summary are a single value summarizing a array of data.

They are:

They are an important element of descriptive analysis

One of the most important tools for summarizing data is to display it visually. See the Anscombe's quartet to understand why ?

From a summary, you can make an inference on a individual without looking at the distribution

Have a look at the distribution before jumping to the summary (in order to not make a stereotype)

Same as: Function - (Aggregate | Aggregation)


Measures of center

In order to summarize a set of data, we want to use one single number or value to describe where it is centred.

This single value can be calculated through one of the following (statistic|measure) of center:


Another important element of a data set is how it is spread.

Measures of spread:



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