Number - Fraction (Fractional Number)

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In number, fractional are the values posterior to the separator (radix point)



625 (i.e. 625/1000) is the fractional part to the right of the radix.

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Decimal - Fraction

A decimal fraction is a fraction in the decimal numeral system (base 10). They are also known as the decimals. In 999.99, the fraction or decimals are 99 Time and angles use decimal fractions of...
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Number - Babylonian numeral system, base-60

The sexagesimal numeral system or base-60, was the first positional system in the first language developed the Cuneiform It was used by astronomers Numeral System Parts Babylonian numerals and other...
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Number - Floating-point (system|notation) - (Float|Double) - Approximate numeric

The term floating point refers to the fact that the number's radix point can float, that is, it can be placed anywhere relative to the significant digits of the number. They are fractional numbers...
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Number - Integer -

An integer is the part of a number that is located at the left of the radix point. In other word, it's a number without its fractional component. Negative numbers without fractional components are...
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Number - Radix (Point|Character)

A radix point (or radix character) is the symbol used in numerical representations to separate: the integral part of a number (to the left of the radix point) from its fractional part (to the right...
Number System - Rational Number -

A rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction p/q of two integers Rational numbers are also known as: the rationals, the field of rationals or the field of...
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A real number is a value that represents a quantity along a line. They have been called real to distinguish them from imaginary number. imaginary roots of polynomials The real numbers include all...
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Number, Numeric, Quantity

A number is a mathematical object used to: count, label, and measure. Example: When we are interested in the total number of each species of tortoise, or how many individuals there are per square...
Time - Second

The second is the base unit of time in the International_System_of_UnitsInternational System of Units (SI). The length of an SI second was defined to be very close to the 86400th fraction of a day. ...
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What are Fixed-point numbers (exact numbers)?

A fixed-point number represents a limited-precision rational number that may have a fractional part. These numbers are stored internally in a scaled-integer form, typically in binary but sometimes in...

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