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FLOAT is short name for the float 32, a floating point number with a precision 32-bit.

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Data System Architecture
Computer Storage - Integer Data Type (Binary Data)

In computer, integer are stored in word from 8 to 64 bit. Because CPU manipulates integer data type, they are also sometime called binary data type. Bit Length Two's complement signed Unsigned Float...
Data System Architecture
Float32 - 32-bit IEEE float (Single Precision)

32-bit IEEE float is a floating-point number encoded on 32 bit. float32 is also known simply as float Java Float Sql: Real, Float ...
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Java - Float DataType

Float datatype in Java implements the 32-bit precision IEEE 754 floating point. Example of Initialization
Data System Architecture
Number - Floating-point (system|notation) - (Float|Double) - Approximate numeric

The term floating point refers to the fact that the number's radix point can float, that is, it can be placed anywhere relative to the significant digits of the number. They are fractional numbers...
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Grok is an extension of regular expressions that supports expressions as variables (so they can be reused) In this example, we will construct an expression that matches the part of a string time...
Data System Architecture
What is and how are Floating-point stored on a computer?

Computer representations of floating point numbers typically use a form of rounding to significant figures, but with binary numbers. The number of correct significant figures is closely related to the...

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