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The JDBC API defines standard mappings to convert SQL data types to JDBC data types and back. This includes support for SQL:2003 advanced data types such as BLOB, CLOB, ARRAY, REF, STRUCT, XML, and DISTINCT. JDBC drivers may also implement one or more customized type mappings for user-defined types (UDTs), in which the UDT is mapped to a class in the Java programming language. The JDBC API also provides support for externally managed data, for example, data in a file outside the data source.

Data sources differ widely in the syntax they use for date, time, and timestamp literals. The JDBC API supports ISO standard format

JDBC API that allow an application written in the Java programming language to access SQL:2003 data types, such as binary large objects and structured types. This chapter also describes the use of the RowId data type which is supported by many data sources even though it is not currently defined as an SQL:2003 data type.

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