SQL - Data Type


The Data Type of a column in SQL.

They are defined in the ANSI standard but may vary from sql engine (database) to another.


Sql Type Description (Range) Precision Jdbc Sql Type Constant
Fixed point Number (exact numeric)
NUMERIC fixed-point with precision and scale (up to 131072) and scale (up to 16383) NUMERIC
DECIMAL alias for numeric DECIMAL
Integer (exact numeric, with binary or decimal precision and scale of 0)
TINYINT Tiny Integer 0 to 255 (1 Bytes) TINYINT
SMALLINT Small Integer ±32768 (2 Bytes) SMALLINT
INTEGER Integer ±2147483648 (4 Bytes) INTEGER
BIGINT Big Integer ±9223372036854775808 (8 Bytes) BIGINT
Floating point Number (approximate numeric)
FLOAT precision may defined Single precision FLOAT
REAL precision is fixed Single precision (4 Bytes) REAL
DOUBLE PRECISION precision greater than REAL Double Precision DOUBLE
SQL - Char(N) datatype text padded with space CHAR
SQL - VARCHAR(N) datatype variable text VARCHAR
SQL - Date datatype Time at the day level DATE
SQL - Timestamp Data Type Time at the ms level TIMESTAMP
SQL - TIME data type time part (hh:mm:ss) TIME
interval INTERVAL
BLOB binary large object (binary data)
SQL - Identifier
SQL - Struct Data Type (Record)

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