SQL - Statement (Type)

Data System Architecture


Language - Statement (Minimal unit of execution) in SQL.



  • Session Control Statements (Alter session, Set Role)
  • System Control Statement (Alter System)
  • Embedded Control Statements (Any DML, DDL or TCL that is integrated into a 3GL)

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Jdbc Class Architecture
Jdbc - Statement

Statement objects are created by Connection objects The java/sql/StatementStatement interface defines methods for executing SQL statements. There is also two subclasses: The PreparedStatement interface...
Data System Architecture

CREATE TABLE is a SQL statement that creates a table.
Data System Architecture
SQL - Data Definition / Data Dictionary Language (DDL)

Data definition language (DDL) is a category of statement that manipulate the data dictionary of a database. The three principal commands are: CREATE, ALTER, and DROP but you can also find:...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Data Manipulation Language (DML) is a category of SQL statement that modify the data of a database. The principal commands are: SELECT UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE but you can also find: ...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Prepared Statement

A prepared statement add the ability to set values for parameter markers contained within the statement. Prepared Statement represent SQL statements that can be: prepared, or precompiled, for execution...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Query (SELECT)

A query is a SQL statement that begins with the SELECT word. A stored query is called a view. The result of a query is stored in a result table, called the result-set. A query is itself a Relations...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Transaction Control (TCL)

In SQL, TCL means Transaction Control and is a set of commands that manage the effectiveness of a DML action. The principal commands are: COMMIT to validate the changes ROLLBACK to cancel the changes...
Data System Architecture
Sql - Commit

in SQL. In a SQL, a commit can be: explicit implicit or or Ansi Standard SQL: An explicit commit occurs when the COMMIT statement is executed. An implicit commit occurs automatically...
Data System Architecture
Sql - Script

sql script are files with the sql extension that contains sql statements

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