SQL - Objects

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SQL Objects are the objects that may created in a database via the CREATE statement


Then most known objects are:


See What is a SQL Identifier (ie SQL Name)?

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Data System Architecture
SQL - CREATE statement

CREATE is a SQL statement that defines the SQL object and therefore the schema
Data System Architecture
SQL - Schema (Metadata)

A SQL schema is two things: It'is a persistent, named collection of metadata (known as information_schema) that defines a schema a scope because a schema is part of the object identifier. A SQL Schema...
Data System Architecture
What is a SQL Identifier (ie SQL Name)?

In Sql, an Identifier is a name that identifies an SQL object such as: a column a table a view The definition in BNF is: It means that a SQL name: should start with a simple Latin letter...
Counting Table
What is a Table in SQL?

A table is: a SQL object with a relational data structure (ie a relation) that stores data queryrelation The name comes from the Abacuscounting table (abacus) that was found in the medieval...

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