Sql - Insert

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Sql - Insert


insert is a data manipulation language statement.

In an INSERT statement, you define the values with:


create table t(t char(1));

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Hive - Insert

in Hive INSERT can insert into: a Hive table a local directory or HDFS directory Local means the local file system This streams the data in the map phase through the script /bin/cat...
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In computer programming, create, read, update and delete (as an acronym CRUD) are the four basic functions of persistent storage. Operation SQL HTTP File System mutator Create INSERT PUT...
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IO - Create Operation

create is a IO operation that will add/insert/create data in a data store. The following command are create operation: SQL: INSERT HTTP: PUT / POST File: Write
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in Oracle Insert into a table or a view and as a view is based on table, insert inserts data into tables. All datatype and constraint must be honoured. See Multitable...
Data System Architecture
Relation - Index (Indices)

An index is an auxiliary data structure of a relation database to speed up the retrieval of rows. Indexing the data can lead to either performance or degradation of queries, so understanding indexing...
Data System Architecture
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Data Manipulation Language (DML) is a category of SQL statement that modify the data of a database. The principal commands are: SELECT UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE but you can also find: ...
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A merge statement execute an expression if an expression matches and an other if not. Database Upsert style MySQL INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY REPLACE .. Oracle MERGE .. PostgreSQL INSERT .....
Data System Architecture

VALUES is a sql expression that construct: a row or a table A VALUES expression can be used in all the places where a query can: As the source of values for an INSERT statement Within expressions...
Data System Architecture
Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL is the standard language used to operate on table and its auxiliary data Structure (such as view, aggregate,...). SQL permits application designers to manipulate sets of rows with a non-procedural...

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