SQL - Query (SELECT)

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A query is a SQL statement that begins with the SELECT word.

A stored query is called a view.

The result of a query is stored in a result table, called the result-set.

A query is itself a Relations




Ad-hoc queries are query used to explore a data set and are therefore never known in advance.


Reporting query are well-known query used to build metrics. See Data Analysis - Reporting Query

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Relational Data Model
(Relation|Table) - Tabular data

A Relation is a logical data structure composed of tuple (row) attribute (column, field) The following data structure are a relation: a table, a materialized view (query) (store data) a query,...
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Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is the name for a set of technologies based on the integration of query capabilities directly into the C# language. LINQ is a functional interface for SQL query. ...
Data System Architecture
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Data System Architecture
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An Aggregate table is a persistence unit of aggregate data. Aggregate tables are also known as summary table (from summary) materialized view A aggregate is a table that contains the result of a query...
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A materialized view is an auxiliary data structure that persist the result of a query in a table format managed by the cache system of the database. The refresh of the data is defined in criteria: ...
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order by is a query clause that will sort the records (row) according to a collation.
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The query performance is the of a query. OLTP query are query that comes from an OLTP application. This kind of query retrieve few rows and their performance is generally improved with a index....
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SELECT is a keyword of the SQL Language (specifically dml) that permits to read data from the database. A SELECT Statement is called a query. The select statement has three capabilities: projection...
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in SQL. Session Control Statements (Alter session, Set Role) System Control Statement (Alter System) Embedded Control Statements (Any DML, DDL or TCL that is integrated into a...

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