SQL - GROUP BY (aggregate query)

Data System Architecture

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Star Schema
Dimensional Data Modeling - Descriptif Attribute (Dimensional Attribute)

A descriptif attribute is class attribute that describe a property or characteristic of a dimension. They are used to label, filter and/or group on. measures Typical attributes for a product dimension...
Data System Architecture
Relational Data Modeling - Aggregate Table (Summary Table)

An Aggregate table is a persistence unit of aggregate data. Aggregate tables are also known as summary table (from summary) materialized view A aggregate is a table that contains the result of a query...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Character large object (CLOB)

A Character large object (CLOB) is a SQL data type used to store a large amount of character data. It's a specialized variant of large object (LOB) where data is stored in a file on the local file system...
Data System Architecture
Sql - Binary large object (BLOB) data type

Binary large object (BLOB) is a SQL data type suited to store a blob file (ie binary data). In a database, a blob is implemented via pointer to the local file system (known as a lob (large object) ...

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