SQL - WHERE (filtering)

Data System Architecture

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Data Processing - Filtering Operations

filtering is a data processing operation that processes data through a filter where the data may be: deleted according to a predicate from a collection transformed (map operation) Therefore, you...
Star Schema
Dimensional Data Modeling - Descriptif Attribute (Dimensional Attribute)

A descriptif attribute is class attribute that describe a property or characteristic of a dimension. They are used to label, filter and/or group on. measures Typical attributes for a product dimension...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Null

NULL value in SQL represents missing data in SQL. NULL has its own data domain and implements therefore its own behavior. The most important one being that: An equality comparison of two NULL values...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Parameter (Bind | Substitution) (Marker | Variable)

A parameter is placeholder in a prepared statement where value of data is replaced at runtime (ie when the program is running). It permits to reuse the same statement with different value. See A parameter...

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