SQL - Decimal(p,s) or Numeric(p,s)

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DECIMAL and NUMERIC are sql datatype used to represent a fixed point notation (exact number)

numeric is generally functionally identical to decimal.


With a DECIMAL(5,2):

  • the number has:
    • a precision of 5
    • and a scale of 2
  • you would be able to store any value with:
  • values can be stored in the range from -999.99 to 999.99.

The number 00123456.780 has:

  • a precision of 8 (ie 12345678)
  • and a scale of 2 (ie 78)




Numeric vs Decimal

The Sql standard defined NUMERIC and DECIMAL in the following words:

  • NUMERIC specifies the data type exact numeric, with the decimal precision and scale specified by the <precision> and <scale>.
  • DECIMAL specifies the data type exact numeric, with the decimal scale specified by the <scale> and the implementation-defined decimal precision equal to or greater than the value of the specified <precision>.

Storage and range

Maximum storage sizes vary, based on the precision.

Precision Storage bytes
1 - 9 5
10-19 9
20-28 13
29-38 17

For a precision of 38, the range of value is <math>-10^{38 +1} </math> through <math>10^{38}</math>

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