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Boolean - Predicate (Boolean Expression, Condition) in SQL.

A predicate acts as a filter that filters a certain number of rows from a row set.

You have two principal types of predicates:

  • join predicates
  • or filter predicates

Predicates are used in:

  • WHERE clauses,
  • HAVING clauses,
  • JOIN conditions,
  • FROM clauses,

and other constructs where a Boolean value is required.



last_name = 'Smith', 


combination of predicates

last_name = 'Smith' AND job_type = 'Clerk'

Example of Predicates Operator

  • IN
  • LIKE

How to write a predicate that takes null into account

How to write a predicate that takes null into account

  • The state
create table IHateNull (id number not null, val1 number null, val2 number null);
insert into IHateNull values (1,2,NULL);
insert into IHateNull values (1,NULL,1);
insert into IHateNull values (1,0,0);
insert into IHateNull values (1,1,1);
  • All records where ( val1 + val2 ) <> 0
select * from IHateNull where ( val1 + val2 ) <> 0;
ID       VAL1       VAL2
---------- ---------- ----------
         1          1          1

  • should be written with:
select * from IHateNull where ( nvl(val1,0) + nvl(val2,0) ) <> 0;
ID       VAL1       VAL2
---------- ---------- ----------
         1          2
         1                     1
         1          1          1

Example of predicates information

The output of an Oracle explain plain contains a predicate information section. You can see for instance the the filter clause but also the join clause.

Predicate Information (identified by operation id):

   2 - access("I1"."N"="MAP"."I2")
   3 - filter("I1"."V"='cx')
   5 - filter("I2"."V"='y')
   6 - access("I2"."N"="MAP"."I2")

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