How to use the SQL ROW_NUMBER function?

Data System Architecture


ROW_NUMBER is an non-deterministic window function (analytic) that returns a sequence of unique numbers.


With the row number, you can retrieve the following rows and create the follwing reports.:


It has the following syntax:

ROW_NUMBER ( ) OVER ( [partition by myColumn] [order by myOtherColumn])

For consistent results, the row number function should define the sort order.

Example (Oracle)

Without Partition

SELECT channel_desc, calendar_month_desc,
   SUM(amount_sold) SALES$,
      -- create a sequence with a descendant order in the amount sold
      ORDER BY SUM(amount_sold) DESC
      ) AS ROW_NUMBER 
FROM sales, products, customers, times, channels
WHERE sales.prod_id=products.prod_id AND sales.cust_id=customers.cust_id
  AND sales.time_id=times.time_id AND sales.channel_id=channels.channel_id
  AND times.calendar_month_desc IN ('2001-09', '2001-10')
GROUP BY channel_desc, calendar_month_desc;

Example of results:

-------------------- -------- -------------- ----------
Direct Sales         2001-10       1,000,000          1
Direct Sales         2001-09       1,100,000          2
Internet             2001-09         500,000          3
Partners             2001-09         600,000          4
Partners             2001-10         600,000          5
Internet             2001-10         700,000          6

With Partition

For each department in the sample table oe.employees, the following example assigns numbers to each row in order of employee's hire date:

SELECT department_id, last_name, employee_id, ROW_NUMBER()
   OVER (PARTITION BY department_id ORDER BY employee_id) AS emp_id
   FROM employees;
------------- ------------------------- ----------- ----------
           10 Whalen                            200          1
           20 Hartstein                         201          1
           20 Fay                               202          2
           30 Raphaely                          114          1
           30 Khoo                              115          2
           30 Baida                             116          3
           30 Tobias                            117          4
           30 Himuro                            118          5
           30 Colmenares                        119          6
           40 Mavris                            203          1
. . .
          100 Popp                              113          6
          110 Higgins                           205          1
          110 Gietz                             206          2

ROW_NUMBER is a non-deterministic function. However, employee_id is a unique key, so the results of this application of the function are deterministic.

Documentation / Reference

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