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A column is the relational model representation of a value set where the attribute is the column metadata that defines its name, type and others attributes properties

The columns are located in the Y as of a relation (table).

Relational Data Model

Columns related concept:


See Logical Data Modeling - (Derived|Calculated) Attribute (Derived Data)



See SQL - Schema (Metadata)

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(Data) Type - (Datatype|Type of data)

Variables, parameters, and function may be typed (static typing) and return values that are typed (as do a database column). The type of a variable or expression defines the characteristics of the values...
Relational Data Model
(Relation|Table) - Tabular data

A Relation is a logical data structure composed of tuple (row) attribute (column, field) The following data structure are a relation: a table, a materialized view (query) (store data) a query,...
Data System Architecture
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Data System Architecture
Data Property - Data Consistency - (Strong|Atomic) consistency - Linearizability)

In its most basic form, consistency refers to data values in one data set being consistent with values in another data set at the same point in time. In an other form, consistency, also known as atomic...
Columnar Physical Table Representation
Database - Column (Storage|Store)

Storing data in columns is functionally similar to having a built-in index for each column. This data structure is used in analytics and NoSql database. Columnar storage is a popular data structure in...
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in Hive Context Column Statistics in Hive (HIVE-1362) See ...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - (Derived|Calculated) Attribute (Derived Data)

Derived is a property of: a variable (scalar) or a of column (collection) The value can be calculated or deduced from relationship Groupings or from the values of other variable. The value of a Derived...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Attribute

An attribute is a property or characteristic of a primary element (entity, relationship) one-to-one colorentity... The values for each attribute are defined in terms of properties. An attribute is...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Field

A field is a container for one or more values with: a identifier (name and/or position) and a data type You can see a field as: a variable with a data type a cell in a element set (ie in a...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Value Set

A value set is a set of value from the same attribute. A value set is known as: a column in a relational model a variable in statistics. a collection in code (aggregate/compound type) a vector...

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