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The Substitution Parameter is a query property that describes the substitution values needed to generate the executable query text within


Each query has one or more substitution parameters. Dsqgen must be used to generate executable query texts for the query streams. In order to generate the required number of query streams, dsqgen must be used with the :

  • RNGSEED, <SEED>, is selected as the timestamp of the end of the database load time (Load End Time) expressed in the format mmddhhmmsss
  • STREAMS options. <S>, is two times the number of streams, Sq, to be executed during each Throughput Test (S=2* Sq).
  • INPUT: <input.txt>, is a file containing the location of all 99 query templates in numerical order.

Comment: RNGSEED guarantees that the query substitution parameter values are not known prior to running the power and throughput tests. Called with a value of <S> for the STREAMS parameter, dsqgen generates S+1 files, named query_0.sql through query_[S].sql. Each file contains a different permutation of the 99 queries.

Query_0.sql is the sequence of queries to be executed during the Power Test; files query_1.sql through query_[Sq].sql are the sequences of queries to be executed during the first Throughput Test; and files query_[Sq+1].sql through query_[2*Sq].sql are the sequences of queries to be executed during the second Throughput Test.

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