TPC-DS - Query Session

Tpc Ds Data Flow


A query session is a session executing activity on behalf of:

The communication between the driver and the SUT is limited to one session per query. These sessions are prohibited from communicating with one another except for the purpose of scheduling Data Maintenance functions.

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Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Driver

The mechanism used to submit queries to the SUT and to measure their execution time is called a driver. The driver is a logical entity that can be implemented using one or more physical programs, processes,...
Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Power Test

A Power Test consists of exactly one query session running a single query stream.
Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Refresh Session

refresh session All refresh sessions must be initialized in exactly the same way than the query session. The initialization of a refresh session may be different than that of the query session.
Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Throughput Test

A Throughput Test consists of Sq query sessions each running a single query stream.

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