TPC-DS - Session

Tpc Ds Data Flow


A session is defined as a uniquely identified process context capable of supporting the execution of user-initiated database activity.

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Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Query Session

A query session is a session executing activity on behalf of: a Power Test or a Throughput Test. The communication between the driver and the SUT is limited to one session per query. These sessions...
Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Refresh Session

refresh session All refresh sessions must be initialized in exactly the same way than the query session. The initialization of a refresh session may be different than that of the query session.
Tpc Ds Data Flow
TPC-DS - Result

Result measures: query response time in single user mode, query throughput in multi user mode and data maintenance performance for: a given hardware, operating system, and data processing...

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