TPC-DS - Driver

Tpc Ds Data Flow

TPC-DS - Driver


The mechanism used to submit queries to the SUT and to measure their execution time is called a driver.

The driver is a logical entity that can be implemented using one or more physical programs, processes, or systems

Query Submit

The communication between the driver and the SUT must be limited to one session per query.

The driver's submittal of the queries to the SUT during the performance test shall be limited to the transmission of the query text

The driver shall not:

  • pass any execution strategy or priority that is time-dependent or query-specific
  • have the purpose of indicating to the SUT, or to any of its components, the insertion of time delays;
  • insert time delays before, after, or between the submission of queries to the SUT; (to prohibit the pacing of query submission by the driver)
  • have the purpose of modifying the behavior or configuration of the SUT (i.e., data processing system or operating system settings) on a query-by-query basis.
  • alter session parameters during the execution of the performance test.

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