TPC-DS - Query Stream

Tpc Ds Data Flow


A query stream is defined as the sequential execution of a permutation of queries submitted by a single emulated user.

Ie this is a file containing multiple queries. See creation



with TPC-DS - dsqgen

  • Linux
dsqgen –scale <sf> -dir <path to query templates> -streams <n> -input <templates.lsf>
  • Windows: Example
dsqgen ^
    /scale 1000 ^
    /dir D:\code\tpcds-xp\query_templates ^
    /streams 5 ^
    /input D:\code\tpcds-xp\query_templates\templates.lst ^
    /distributions D:\code\tpcds-xp\build\tpcds.idx


  • the stream options defines the number of file generated (containing multiple queries).
  • distributions defines the location of tpcds.idx
  • input is a file containing list of query templates separated by an end of line

The output will show 5 files containing multiples query:

query_0.sql  query_1.sql  query_2.sql  query_3.sql  query_4.sql

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