Relational Operator - Equi-joins


An Equi-join is a join where the condition (predicate) is an equality.

All other join operations with a predicate other than equality are called theta join


An equi-join links two relations (tables, …) on common values in a column in relation 1 with a column in relation 2.


The restriction conforms to the following syntax when the condition is specified:

  • Relational Syntax

<MATH> \LARGE R \bowtie_{R.A = S.A} S </MATH>

  • SQL
Table1.column_a = Table2.column_a


A natural join is a shorthand equi-join where the equality applied to all shared attributes.

<MATH> \LARGE R \bowtie_{attrs(R) \cap attrs(S)} S </MATH> where:

  • <math>attrs(R) \cap attrs(S)</math> is the intersection of the attributes of R and S.

See SQL - Natural Join


<MATH> \LARGE R_1 \bowtie_{ a = b } R_2 = \sigma_{a=b} ( R_1 \times R_2 ) </MATH>

The join of R1 and R2 on A=B is the same that the selection of the cross product of R1 and R2 where A=B.


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